Since its inception innov8 has grown to over 1000 design thinking members. We host regular nights were members sign up to share an idea or challenge and receive constructive criticism from the community. Additionally we run skill workshops and service design jams throughout the year.


  • Recruit new innov8 members to participate in Design Critique nights.
  • Collaborate with other local groups for new opportunities and to avoid overlapping with events.
  • Work remotely with other organizers to create unique workshops, events, and resources.
  • Establish process for booking venues, event setup, and hosting responsibilities.
  • Creating assets and content for events such as promotional videos, prototyping environments, hand outs for events and workshops.

Event Activities

Draw yourself exercise - Ice Breaker activity
Silent Spaghetti (no talking or mouthing words, no written words or numbers allowed) - Team work, empathy, working style reflection, mindset shift activity.


After the infamous Net Neutrality rulings of 2018, I presented the entire history of Net Neutrality. Afterwards I moderated the round table discussion to learn from others what we could do to prevent these events in Canada.

Service Design Jams

Service Design Jams take place around the world through regional events. The event organizer guides participants through different techniques to take a word prompt and turn it into full experience in 48 hours.
Low fidelity prototyping methods like role playing are encouraged because they result in more "doing" and less talking about an idea.
Frequent check ins with other teams and users meant assumptions are being challenged constantly through each iteration.